Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Our experiences are exactly that ... ours. They are mine. And they are yours. What happens to you. What you can and cannot control. What life throws at you. The trials and tribulations. The highs and the lows. Those really are your experiences to do whatever you want with. Some people ignore them. Some people hide from them. Some people talk to friends about them. I wrote about mine. And then I decided to share with them you. 

At first, the writing was just for me. Eventually, I decided to swallow my embarrassment over the words and the sadness, although I like to think I infused a good amount of good-natured humor into the mix as well. Then I hit the share button. 

Doing this put me in a position to let out my first finished project that was truly my own. It also helped connect me to so many amazing new friends and strong, insanely supportive women that I would have never met otherwise. 

But most importantly, it helped me cope. 

I'm sure everyone has a theory of what this book is really about. But if you ask me, it's about loss and overcoming the worst of feelings. It's about trudging through the darkness, the worst of your days, and coming out on the other side with a more positive perspective on people and relationships. I learned what's most important in this life, and it's always going to be the people. It's not the house or the car, it's not money, it's not prestige or climbing the ladder. It's the people. It will always come down to the people. 

This book marks the end of this part of my life. Writing to cope won't ever be something I quit. Writing to entertain won't ever be something I quit. But I really want readers to soak up ILYJK because I'm sewing up the intimate sharing of my life with this one. At least, I hope so. 

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