From the outskirts of Nashville, I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home. 

I'm a bit messy and scatter-brained. I can be abrasive and silly. Most of my friends describe me as awkward. I'm a mother, writer, reader, style dictator, traveling spirit, bohemian who loves a glass of Simply Orange juice - with pineapple - in the mornings.

 I am a proud graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a B.A. in Communication, Summa Cum Laude and current graduate student at Vanderbilt University working toward a Master of Arts in Education.

I fancy myself a freelance creator, loving all things in the media and the work behind it. Writing full-time since 2011, I've fallen in love with all the wonderful people I've "e-met" along the way. From design blogs across the globe to creating slogans for local realtors, I’m a wizard of words. 

Most of my time is spent with my daughter, Claire.

I'm also an author. My works include February 5th (2018) and I Love You, Just Kidding (2019) is available on Amazon and Barnes and NobleBut you can check out the serious stuff here

About The Blog 

I'm a writer with a lot of love for aesthetics. I love to dabble into any nook and cranny of the arts. I’m not saying I’m a pro or an expert, but I’m really good at inspiring. I love words, I love colors, I love stories and I love design. And I created this blog in 2011 to be my place to share it all. But then 2016 happened and everything changed. I wrote my first book, February 5th, throughout one of the worst, yet best, seasons of my life. And then 2018 happened which put me on a path to my second book and an entirely new route - right into graduate school.

My romantic stories gained a hefty following on Instagram and some juicy gossip but that "chapter" of my life has been sealed with my second book, I Love You, Just Kidding. Once that project wrapped, this space will be ready and clean for new projects; the stories I always wanted to write but got swept under the rug when life was happening. The fictional. The fun. The fantasy. The young-adult inspired. Thanks for staying on board with me through it all :). 

Make sure you dive into the magazine too.

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