Friday, October 11, 2019

No Wrong Time

It's 5:15AM
I watched his headlights disappear
Staring through the window 
I never bothered to wipe my tears
Falling into bed just hours before 
With every word left unsaid 
In the sheets we were blind to the hours 
That became the way of us
He said “I could go all 100 yards with you,
With ease
Without a fuss
But the demons are taking over, 
It doesn’t matter my heart’s wonder
I’m drowning in a darkness, 
And I can’t let you slip under.”

Doesn’t he know
There’s no wrong time 
To meet the right one

He burned pages from our book 
Before the story could be done
Kisses lingered 
too long 
For two people not in love
Pauses at that door 
too frequent 
To be numbed
Running away from the fear may be easier 
Out of sight and out of his mind
I hope he gets that piece of land he wants
I hope he builds a beautiful home 
But remind him when he thinks of me,
There’s a chance I’m not alone

Doesn’t he know
There’s no wrong time 
To meet the right one

All of the ingredients to forever 
Were laid out neatly at our feet
He packed up all those feelings 
There was no other reason for us to meet
The pull is undeniable
There’s no option to resist
“I want every piece of you,” he says, 
“But I’m way too far adrift” 

I succumbed to his illusion
Believed every word he said
Fought for what I thought I saw
Even after the illusion fell dead
The pull is now deniable 
He took the map right from my hands
He followed every outline
He did what I feared he'd plan

Leaving doors wide open 
Leaving bruises with no aid
I told you what my heart felt like
But you cycled through the pattern

Those last few times I called you
They set the date for May 23rd
But you never picked up the phone
Even after you'd heard
A year condensed into a summer

Now it's 5:15AM again
The fall after the spring
I'm surprised it only took that long
To heal from everything 

© Grace Lynne Fleming. All rights reserved.
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