Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In The Hallway

It was weird to get in the car with him. I hadn't seen him since the football field when I was barely 18-years old. We have photos together from that day. My hair was straight. I had blue eyeliner smudged around the creases of my eyes. My nails were painted red. I wore white. He had a goofy smile and a small gap in his teeth that I always loved. 

When I had opened up the front door, he was just walking up the steps. His eyes raised, and I saw a flash of the old Smith, the one I used to have a relentless crush on. Apparently, that feeling never went away.

He scooped me up in a hug and he smelled the same. It's something I could never pinpoint I just knew that is was him. The first word he said was, "Gracie," with a closed-mouth chuckle that followed.

But then we were driving around our hometown talking about people. We weren't talking about anyone in particular instead just people in general. We're a weird species. That was our final hypothesis.

The sun was starting to fall though so we parked and watched it go down in the distance. We ended up back near the field where I gave him a hug that lasted for ten years. But we were older now, we were both more experienced, and were completely different people. The playful banter between us was still the there.

I can't remember how we even got back to where we started the night. The drive was silent but it was also incredibly loud. Between the music and my thoughts, I wouldn't have been able to hold a conversation with him. We weren't inside the house but for fifteen seconds before I was pinned up against the wall kissing him for the first time. Well, really getting to kiss him for the first time.

He stopped between the kissing though and said, "It can't be another ten years before this happens again."

"Shut up," I giggled pulling him back in for another round.

He began guiding me to the couch, but I pulled him towards the bedroom instead. We never made it back. We just stayed in the hallway. It was hard for me not to treat him like a teenager. That's how I knew him. That's how I knew our relationship. But he wasn't a kid anymore. He was a man that had been through big changes, and every time his hand went through my hair I got chills.

Although he puts on a tough facade, he's incredibly sweet. That sweetness could always be found in his voice, no matter how "hard" he tried to act. Back when we were around sixteen, I had just broken up with him, and he had called my best friend to ask why I had done it. Secretly, she recorded the conversation for me to listen to. Over and over he asked, "But why'd she do it," with a genuine sadness in his voice.

I still don't remember why I did it. We ended up back together a few times. We each got our turn hurting the other one. But this night, as adults, made up for all of that.

My hands gripped what they could of the carpet as he kissed up and down my neck. I wasn't sure which way to go with him. I liked the feel of his darkened skin against mine but that's all I knew. I let him lead instead.

It was a really great idea to wear a dress. Just one lift over my head and it was off and on the floor. If there was ever a man that I could envision sinking his teeth into my thigh, and pulling off my lace panties it was this one. He did it, and we giggled in unison. 
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