Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Are You Eating?

I have a theory. If you took my texting history with Brooke, put it in a book format and then put it on the shelves, we'd have a bestseller on our hands. Relatable in all the right ways, hilarious in all the humiliating ones, every day gets better with this ongoing, constant conversation. Even our Skype chats are memorable, bedtime for us and morning for her, they're full of belly laughs and songs and secrets. 

Actually, if you all read our conversations you may put us in a mental institution. You're in your own head everyday, 24/7 and all of those unspoken thoughts, they're inside our phones, typed out with an infinite amount of grammatical errors and emojis. 

One day, when we're older and less likely to kill our dignity, maybe we will publish it. I'll title it, "What Are You Eating?" since that's a part of our daily conversations and you'll see snippets like this hidden throughout: 

She's gray. I'm blue.

On a wedding: 

On God's gifts: 

Examples of insanity:

Examples of Insta/Snap Creeps:


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