Thursday, August 4, 2016

She's The One You Marry

Her knees are a bit knocked, but she's got great legs. She loves mascara but she doesn't need it because her eyelashes curl up on their own. She has long, beautiful fingers. She should have played piano. She's the one you marry.

I knew her before she even realized how much passion was inside of her chest. Now she burns for children and for travel. But also the intangibles of life: love, laughter, pinch-me-moments, reliability. She's the one you marry.

She can eat an entire pizza. You won't even have to dare her. There was a time she'd put away a double cheeseburger from McDonald's while singing every song off of the Rent soundtrack. I know because I did it with her. Now she'll eat raw sea creatures that have been plucked by a stranger off a rock on a beach in South Korea. She has eclectic taste and a sensitive stomach. She's the one you marry.

She knows what she wants. But she also doesn't. It's a conundrum, yes, but you'll like that because she'll keep you dancing for the rest of your life. Her anxiety isn't crippling but it's a big part of her. If you don't find that endearing or want to ease that for her, don't even show up. Because she will be there and she will be heartbroken because she feels everything. She's the one you marry.

She looks just as good in a tank top and shorts as she does in her best dress. She's learned to live simply. She's learned to live with a certain amount of verve that will knock you off your feet and scare you but also have you dreaming too. She's the one you marry.

Her laugh can be contagious but it can also be atrocious. It's beautiful all the same. Some may think her sense of humor is odd. It can be but it's just because she sees the world differently than most. Embrace that. She's the one you marry.

She's always evolving, exploring, learning. When people describe others as having a "zest for life," this is the woman that defines those words. She will make it magical for you. She's the one you marry.

She's learned to put the games aside even when they're fun. She's dealt with a lot. She's made mistakes but she's grown into wearing those scars like the best shade of lipstick. With power. She's the one you marry.

I look forward to her waking up everyday. She's on the other side of the world and when my day is winding down hers is just beginning and nearly every night when I lay my head on my pillow I've also just finished up a conversation with her that's made me laugh, cry, contemplate and ease my worries. Even when she's living in the future, she's been very much a part of my present. Two years ago she left and she's been gone during the most intense moments, best times and absolute worst experiences of my life but she's also had a hand in helping me through each and every one of them.

How's that for an exceptional human being and friend?

Distance doesn't only make the heart grow fonder. It tests relationships. It tests boundaries. And for us, it's only solidified the fact that she's my family.


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