Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tiny Words, A Tiny Mouth

My child is talking. She believes she's chatting about with eloquence and sophistication but she really just sounds like a tiny, high-pitched elf speaking Klingon. She went through a "dada" phase but she's pretty much stuck on "momma" right now. She clings to my shoulder like a "stage 7," as Justin kindly refers to her, and she continues to snatch the glasses right off of my face, swinging them around like she's got Taylor Swift's Shake It Off being beamed right into her head - then she likes to attempt to break them right in half. 

With only two teeth, number 3 and 4 are taking their molasses-speed sweet time coming down with a slightly crooked and gapped angle, she can also say "no," at appropriate and inappropriate times while she shakes her head with a ferocity one would associate with that of a lion celebrating its first bite after a long and wild hunt for its prey. 

She says "bye bye" and she says it a lot. Sometimes in reference to her bottle (I can see the harder discernment here) and sometimes when a stranger walks up to her while we're out and about ... seems as though "bye bye" has become Claire's stranger-danger safe word of sorts.

"Hi," comes out with a light, dainty breathlessness that will make you weak at the knees. You will actually melt if you're lucky enough to have her say hi to you. It's magical. She fist pumps to Andy Grammar songs. Even commercial jingles make her bounce in her seat. 

In the morning, she'll stand and look at herself in the mirror as I make our beds and she yells, "isssss" with excitement as she gives herself "kisses in the morningtime." It's sweet and special and I like to think that's she's building her confidence with every open-mouth kiss to the "baby" in the mirror she is oh so fond of (she also refers to herself as "baby" upon reflection). 

She points to her teeth - or teefies - and her hair. She'll give you nose kisses if she's feeling flirtatious.

She's got a tiny, tiny mouth and she's speaking tiny, tiny words and we're loving every minute of it.

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