Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our First Mother's Day Together

Grandmom  (My Mommy) and Claire

I grew up with a mom that was, and still is, the warmest of the warm. Easy to talk to, easy to be around and never a worry in the world when you're with her, she's a mommy to anyone and everyone she's with. That's included boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, teammates and family members outside our immediate tribe, she's innately, tenaciously caring. Which means if you've done her children wrong she's also tenaciously protective. 

I hope to be that for my baby girl. 

I hope to be the one she comes to whenever there's a problem, a happy moment, a small, excitable experience she wants to share. I hope to be the one she wants to spend time with when she's a toddler and spend great moments of life with when she's older. 

And I'm so happy that every time Claire takes a peek in my mommy's direction, a huge smile widens on her face and they both giggle. 

My days are now filled with morning coos, tiny fingers tugging at my hair, toothless smiles, peekaboo snuggles and an incredible amount of captured moments. 

Happy Mother's Day to every mommy out there, especially my own. And loads of hugs and kisses are to be rained down on my baby Claire today, for allowing me to be her mommy and introducing me to this new, magical life. 

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