Tuesday, October 21, 2014

26 Weeks and Still Scared...

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Here's our update on Claire.

We officially have a growth restricted baby (IUGR). But here's what we've ruled out:

1. There are no chromosomal/genetic abnormalities.
2. Her organs and anatomy look good. 
3. I do not have a blood clot disorder.
4. As of 26 weeks the amniotic fluid is great, the cord flow still looks good.

Right now all we know is she is NOT growing at the rate she should be. She should be something in the 2 lb. range and she is only 1 lb. 5 ounces (gaining just 5 ounces over the passed two weeks). She's still in the 1% range for her body weight and size.  

The plan of action now? We have to take it week by week .... literally. I will be visiting my HR doctor every week for the next four weeks (along with normal visits to my regular OB/GYN) - then we will bump it up to 2x a week assuming nothing vital happens in the next month. We will monitor her "activity" (fluid and flow) to make sure she doesn't become distressed or I need to be hospitalized and monitored on an even closer basis. Also, if it gets to a point where she looks like she would be better off outside than in, they will take her early. Our goal is 34 weeks (December 16th) and anything after that would be a giant plus. 

Of course, I'm still on strict bed rest. I'm back to square one of feeling terrified and in the dark. I do not like feeling like at any moment something could just "stop working" or we'll lose our baby - whether that's an ignorant statement or not I'm sure I'm not the only woman to ever feel this way. 

The positive is that she did hit the minimal "survivable" weight which is 500 grams (she is 595 grams). Although I don't like having to listen to my doctor even say the word "survivable," I know she was excited about that milestone. 

Unless my math skills have failed me (which is quite possible as pregnancy has made me lose my mind and intellect on several occasions), if Claire was only to gain 5 ounces every two weeks until 34 weeks, she would be about 2 lbs. 9 ounces when born. Can we pray for a growth spurt, miracle or something reassuring to happen before she has to bust outta the joint she's currently occupying? 

And we do know one thing, our little baby girl is quite a shy kiddo. She'll be moving and grooving along, then once she's poked and prodded during the ultrasound she turns her back, hides her face and curls up into a tiny ball. Which isn't a surprise, I did the same thing when I was a little one - people would talk to me and I'd hide behind my nearest relative. She also has my chin.

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