Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Claire's Bedroom: The Gliding Corner

Grace Lynne Fleming Her Umbrella 27 Weeks Pregnant

Look, look! My tummy is growing, which means the little miss is growing too. We find out next week what progress she's made in the plumping up department, let's hope she's jumped out of the 1st percentile.

In the meantime, let's take another peek at her room. A glider, waterfall curtains and a waterfall of golden bubbles ... 

*again please excuse the poor excuse for lighting. I snapped these photos in a jiffy without grabbing the lighting equipment. I promise to be more prepared when her entire room is revealed. 

Seafoam Girl Nursery, Eclectic Nursery Seafoam Girl Nursery, Eclectic Nursery

Check out her bow holder ... here.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

26 Weeks and Still Scared...

Pregnancy, Grace Lynne Fleming Her Umbrella, IUGR Baby, 26 Weeks pregnant

Here's our update on Claire.

We officially have a growth restricted baby (IUGR). But here's what we've ruled out:

1. There are no chromosomal/genetic abnormalities.
2. Her organs and anatomy look good. 
3. I do not have a blood clot disorder.
4. As of 26 weeks the amniotic fluid is great, the cord flow still looks good.

Right now all we know is she is NOT growing at the rate she should be. She should be something in the 2 lb. range and she is only 1 lb. 5 ounces (gaining just 5 ounces over the passed two weeks). She's still in the 1% range for her body weight and size.  

The plan of action now? We have to take it week by week .... literally. I will be visiting my HR doctor every week for the next four weeks (along with normal visits to my regular OB/GYN) - then we will bump it up to 2x a week assuming nothing vital happens in the next month. We will monitor her "activity" (fluid and flow) to make sure she doesn't become distressed or I need to be hospitalized and monitored on an even closer basis. Also, if it gets to a point where she looks like she would be better off outside than in, they will take her early. Our goal is 34 weeks (December 16th) and anything after that would be a giant plus. 

Of course, I'm still on strict bed rest. I'm back to square one of feeling terrified and in the dark. I do not like feeling like at any moment something could just "stop working" or we'll lose our baby - whether that's an ignorant statement or not I'm sure I'm not the only woman to ever feel this way. 

The positive is that she did hit the minimal "survivable" weight which is 500 grams (she is 595 grams). Although I don't like having to listen to my doctor even say the word "survivable," I know she was excited about that milestone. 

Unless my math skills have failed me (which is quite possible as pregnancy has made me lose my mind and intellect on several occasions), if Claire was only to gain 5 ounces every two weeks until 34 weeks, she would be about 2 lbs. 9 ounces when born. Can we pray for a growth spurt, miracle or something reassuring to happen before she has to bust outta the joint she's currently occupying? 

And we do know one thing, our little baby girl is quite a shy kiddo. She'll be moving and grooving along, then once she's poked and prodded during the ultrasound she turns her back, hides her face and curls up into a tiny ball. Which isn't a surprise, I did the same thing when I was a little one - people would talk to me and I'd hide behind my nearest relative. She also has my chin.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Claire's Bedroom: The Bow Holder

In the midst of the worrying and bed rest (if you're not updated on our pregnancy - visit here), we thought it'd be a good idea to make more progress in Claire's bedroom. In case she has to come early and make her debut much sooner than we thought, her room will be ready and waiting for her. And we wanted to make it extra, extra special. 

One of the first projects we finished was her bow holder. Hair or no hair, she'll have some of the best head accessories around - some are even from my own collection that I saved in hopes for a baby girl one day - others her grandmom has made. 

Mom and I did a simple spin on the bow holders we see a lot of little girls flaunting. We grabbed a square canvas and funky ribbons. We painted, staple gunned and then decaled. Maybe those golden feathers will even give you a better guess and idea on what the theme of her room will be ....

*please excuse the poor excuse for lighting. It was dark outside today and after laying on the floor while I played dictator to my mom sorting through some of Claire's toys, I snapped these photos in a jiffy without grabbing the lighting equipment. 

little girl nursery, eclectic nursery, seafoam nursery, bow holders, grace lynne fleming, her umbrella little girl nursery, eclectic nursery, seafoam nursery, bow holders, grace lynne fleming, her umbrella little girl nursery, eclectic nursery, seafoam nursery, bow holders, grace lynne fleming, her umbrella

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

24 Weeks and Scared...

Well, it's time for another update on the Claire front. Where do I begin?

This pregnancy has definitely been slightly topsy-turvy. From bleeding to extreme sickness, we haven't really caught a break. And today we had to take on another worry. 

 Pregnancy, Grace Lynne Fleming, Her Umbrella, Pregnancy IUGRYesterday we had our regular check-up and today we turned 24 weeks. Although, my doctor was a bit concerned that not only Claire (who was measuring too small at her anatomy scan) but now I was measuring too small for this gestational age. In fact, we both are about 2 weeks behind schedule.

At first glance, that doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot, but apparently it is. Even though her anatomy was normal and everything from the placenta to fluid was checking out she wanted a double-take on her growth and sent me for another ultrasound this morning. 

About a solid 40 minutes of jousting, a frustrated (and mute) ultrasound technician that didn't have the best bedside manner, a radiologist that needed too to find some sensitivity ... we found out that Claire was still, in fact, measuring too small. And even more so, she's in the 1 percentile of weight in babies at her age. They then sent me directly over to my doctor for a chat.

My doctor comes in and repeats, "She's too small." By this time, I've gone mute and shaky and upset and am just trying to function normally. Since we didn't have any genetic testing done earlier in pregnancy, we went ahead and got a verifi test in motion to rule out any genetic abnormalities; although the radiologist, my own doctor and the high risk doctor they sent me to later really doesn't think that's the cause since her anatomy is looking normal - just small overall. 

Once that lab visit was over, I went over to the high risk doctor's office - whom I'll be seeing from here on out as well. They did yet another ultrasound and more measurements and we had a nice long chat. She relayed that again she really doesn't think it's a chromosomal/genetic problem but is happy we're ruling that out. But we are on a path with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) and thinking that may be from the placenta not working at 100%, although her fluid and blood flow all look good right now

We talked about the hemorrhage I suffered, and we're thinking if there is something or a part of the placenta that's not giving Claire everything she needs to grow alongside other babies her age, it probably happened during that whole ordeal. Which got us talking about the possibility of blood clot disorders that I may have that just haven't been detected yet. And if we sit and think about my injuries in the past, and how they've all been super wonky (i.e. a broken nose that doesn't bleed out and a rectus sheath hematoma at 18 years-old), it kind of makes sense that it could be a possibility. So, we did another panel of bloodwork to see how to treat that in the future of this pregnancy and others (which may be just as simple as taking a baby aspirin everyday).

Obviously we're a little shaken up. Questions come at every 10 minute intervals, but we realize right now is just a waiting game. We rule out things and learn things with these two tests and if it's that the placenta may not be at 100% we will be monitoring Claire very closely. From a visit every 2 weeks to a week to twice a week towards the end, and the probability of her coming early, we believe this journey will be an appointment by appointment scenario. 

I've already heard a lot of stories from others, "they said we'd have a small baby and we didn't" etc, etc, I think after all the information today we have settled on the fact that she will be small and she won't catch up completely to where she's suppose to be gestationally. We can only hope she's able to stay in there long enough to develop and survive on her own when she's here. 

And in the meantime, I'm on strict bed rest. <-- and apparently that isn't to be taken lightly. For one, if I do have a blood clot issue, she wants me to keep off my feet for long periods of time so nothing forms in my legs and secondly, keeping the placenta and baby snug and out of harm's way. 

Entertain me and take away my worries now, would ya?

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