Sunday, August 2, 2015

I do.

Sometimes I feel like I act younger now than I did when it was appropriate for me to squeal over new toys. Sometimes I revert back to a 10-year old Grace who was obsessed with paper dolls and her rock collection. But that's only because I simply enjoy the "little things" in life the most.

My best days are spent with my mom going to Barnes and Noble, grabbing coffee and a big stack of magazines as we waste time cooing over amazing bridal gowns or new recipes to try. My best days are spent on a couch with Justin and a stack of movies by our side. My best days are spent knowing that it's double-date night with my parents. My best days are knowing that I can watch Claire explore new ways to use her hands and voice.

Midnight bowls of Special K with Berries make me happy. Sending out a Happy Birthday card in the mail makes me happy. Reality TV makes me happy. The rain makes me happy and the fact that I can carry an umbrella makes me really happy. Minnie, our dog, makes me happy. Willow, our puppy dog, makes me happy. Over-sized sweatshirts make me happy. Baking cupcakes make me happy. New books make me happy. Adding items to my Amazon wish lists make me happy. When Justin kisses my forehead, that makes me happy. Gel pens make me happy. Especially when the ink sparkles.

I'm not a fan of those who take things for granted. I'm the first one to admit that I've been extremely privileged and spoiled my entire life. I have parents that haven't ever given me the chance to want for anything. But, I've also had parents that have taught me to enjoy "little things" like a late-night, hot cup of tea with cookies, clean floors, coffee ice cream with pretzels and lint-free pants.

Sometimes, I think it's nice to make time to sit and remember what's good, to not focus on what's imperfect and get excited about your daily life. Get excited about new Hello Kitty pencils. Get excited about heart-shaped sandwiches. Get excited about sparkly loafers. Get excited about fall TV-show premieres. Get excited about pumpkin-shaped Reese's during Halloween. And just be excited that you can be excited.



  1. Yes! I love the simple peaceful days

  2. so true! what an inspirational post!

    have a great wknd!! :)

    Adam ❤ Alex


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