Saturday, October 27, 2012

Invisible: Book Snippets {6}

 "Sometimes I like to just sit in class and pretend that I'm invisible. I can stare at whoever I want to. I can create an alternative universe where I have chocolate brown eyes and slimmer thighs. Mrs. Keys doesn't point me out in class and humiliate me because I like to stare out at the rain instead of play with the Bunsen burner. It can be a universe where Gem and her posse don't exist, or they do but we're friends. It can be a universe where one of my best friends doesn't call the girl in math class "The Bloat" because her stomach hangs over her pants. It can be a universe where she at least fires back to let him know that one day her little bloating will be gone but his self-indulgent, narcissistic tendencies will only worsen, causing a severe lack of friends.

   Sometimes I like to just sit in class and pretend everyone is opposite. Laila isn't slutty, or even pretend slutty, because sometimes I can't tell whether she's telling the truth or just bragging about her very large chest. Rick has more confidence to stand up for what he believes in at all times and not just on the phone with me. Sunny follows her heart and not her head. Tiffany doesn't steal my pants and allow her dog to eat them."

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original pieces written, created and published by Grace L. Fleming  


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