Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apologies: Book Snippets {2}

To everyone whose been a faithful reader since I started this little blog last July, I'm sorry.

I feel like I've been such a pathetic blogger lately. I have a writing calendar filled with my ideas to share with you but just haven't allowed myself the extra time to create the posts. Instead I've been giving my time over to my other writing projects and jobs, and once I get freed from those I have 0 inspiration for blogging ...

but I've have 110% percent inspiration for story-telling, which is what I've filled my extra fun time with lately. Creating more of my future "novel" that I'm in love with. And I hope one day you will be too.

So here's another tiny, teensy little peek. Snippets round 2. 

But she wouldn’t know this, because this particular girl, has never spoke to me and has never been in the same room as me. I quite frankly would be surprised if she knew my last name. That is hardly a sufficient basis to make assumptions about someone on. Correct? 

The halls are the same, the same teachers sitting and smiling when you walk in, cafeteria on your left, classrooms on your right. I mean I didn’t expect for music to start playing or cartoon birds to fly over my head, but something different would have been nice.

“Did that just happen?” I managed to squeak out.
Jayla was already on the phone with the local police department. 


original pieces written, created and published by Grace L. Fleming 


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